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Handy Reference of California Traffic Violation Codes

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There are often times when you may find a Notice to Appear in your mailbox and have no idea what the California traffic violation is for. This happens even more often if you happen to be a spouse, a parent or an unlucky driver with more than one recent violation to keep track of. 

We have consulted with the California Department of Motor Vehicles to provide you with this handy list of California Traffic Code Sections (click on the category heading for further details of the violation code). 

General Provisions
Administration, Division 2
Registration of Vehicles, Division 3
Registration and Transfer of Vessels, Division 3.5
Vehicle Sales, Division 3.6
Special Antitheft Laws, Division 4
Occupational Licensing and Business Regulation, Division 5
Driver's Licenses, Division 6
Motor Vehicle Transactions with Minors, Division 6.5
Unattended Child in Motor Vehicle Safety Act, Division 6.7
Financial Responsibility Laws, Division 7
Accidents and Accident Reports, Division 10
Rules of the Road, Division 11
Equipment of Vehicles, Division 12
Towing and Loading Equipment, Division 13
Transportation of Explosives, Division 14
Transportation of Hazardous Material, Division 14.1
Transportation of Inhalation Hazards, Division 14.3
Transportation of Radioactive Materials, Division 14.5
Safety Regulations, Division 14.8
Motor Vehicle Damage Control, Division 14.9
Size, Weight and Load, Division 15
Implements of Husbandry, Division 16
Off-Highway Vehicles, Division 16.5
Licensing of Bicycles, Division 16.7
Offenses and Prosecution, Division 17
Penalties/Disposition of Fees, Fines, and Forfeitures, Division 18

If you have your citation number and (in some cases) other identification information, you may find more information on the website of the court that has jurisdiction over the ticket.  See our California Court Information page for more details on each California court.

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