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We'll Help you Beat Any California Speeding Ticket, Red Light Ticket or Other Traffic Ticket!

Below are links to all the Ticketbust.com documents you may need.  All documents are in PDF version which should be able to be opened and printed on any computer.  If you have problems opening and/or printing any of the documents below, please call 800 850-8038 or contact Ticketbust.com for assistance.

Fight Traffic TicketsTicketbust.com Engagement Letter
Beat Traffic TicketsTrial by Written Declaration
Fight Speeding TicketsRequest for New Trial
Beat Speeding TicketsCredit Card Authorization
Beat Speeding TicketDelivery Authorization
Dismiss Traffic ViolationsBail Waiver Request
Refund Request FormRefund Request Form

Dismiss Traffic Violations
Driver License Record Correction Request

(often used to request an erroneous point be removed from your driving record)

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Beat My Ticket

ABC News Channel 7 Feature Ticketbust.com
Interviewed by Ric Romero, CA

Ric Romero, consumer specialist for Channel 7 ABC News, features TicketBust.com. Mr. Romero states "TicketBust.com says it's helping California traffic violators beat tickets without them ever having to show up in court." TicketBust fights tickets by helping drivers file what's known as a Trial by Written Declaration, which allows drivers to contest the ticket in writing.

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