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Red Light Tickets

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It's been said that Red light tickets represent all that is wrong with society today. Over the past few years we've seen a move towards computerized red light ticketing systems at major intersections all across California. However many local governments that were once reaping large profits from the revenue generated from these automated ticketing systems, have turned away from automated ticketing and many cities have even gone so far as to end their camera operations whether it be due to lack of funding or due to legality issues revolving around the red light camera operations.

  1. Make sure that the photo provided of you driving the vehicle is in fact you. You might have just lent the car to a friend or relative that was driving it the day.
  2. Is there a clear shot of your license plate? Are there any letters that can be misinterpreted?
  3. Is any part of your face being blocked? There needs to be clear and obvious evidence that you were the one in violation otherwise the case can be dismissed.

Ticket Busters (ticketbust.com) has the knowledge and know how to get you out of those costly red light tickets. Being pulled over for a red light infraction by a law enforcement officer is a completely different situation. You might have accidentally run the light that was yellow and turned red awfully fast. That is a subjective judgment that the law enforcement officer has to make and if he decides that you ran the red light, you still have ways to fight it. You can go into court and explain your case to the judge hoping she sides with you and understands that you were simply driving with the flow of traffic and the yellow light in which you were driving through turned red and you could not slow down in time. Or you could simply pay the ticket, and hope that your insurance rates don't go up from all the traffic tickets you have gotten. Or, you can just contact Ticket Busters (ticketbust.com) to help you fight your ticket. We offer a conditional service fee refund that our competitors cannot match. We are so confident that we will get your ticket dismissed with our insider knowledge that you can rest assured that the red light tickets you received will be dismissed or your money back!

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ABC News Channel 7 Feature Ticketbust.com
Interviewed by Ric Romero, CA

Ric Romero, consumer specialist for Channel 7 ABC News, features TicketBust.com. Mr. Romero states "TicketBust.com says it's helping California traffic violators beat tickets without them ever having to show up in court." TicketBust fights tickets by helping drivers file what's known as a Trial by Written Declaration, which allows drivers to contest the ticket in writing.

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