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We have helped thousands of drivers just like you get their traffic ticket dismissed over the many years we have been in business and we are a member in excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Unfortunately, there will always be a small percent of people that are unhappy and are free to post whatever they like, whether it is true or not, on unsavory sites like, etc. Of this small percent of our client base, we have found that many of those simply did not read our Terms and Conditions, which we encourage our website visitors to do throughout the site. We also always strongly encourage clients to give us their feedback directly so that we can work to resolve their issues.

Please be careful not to believe everything you read on the Internet. Here is an example of a very popular complaint site and the lawsuits being brought against the company for allowing anyone to write anything.

Did you know that a good amount of the activity on these sites are either shakedown artists or complaints initiated by competition? Help us in our efforts at to put an end to erroneous and misguided complaints by not clicking on the negative postings of these sites in the search engine results. The more clicks they get, the more popular these scandalous sites become. We want to annihilate these scandalous sites from the legitimate listings of Google and other search engines.

More Information on Scandalous Sites

RipOff Report is an example of a very popular complaint site and lawsuits continue to be brought against the company for allowing anyone to write anything. For a good explanation of how these sites work (specifically which Google banned) click here. While scandalous, they are continuing to rank highly with the search engines.

This is nothing new! Way back in 1995, the owner of a highly respected modeling agency was hit by a 'complaint' (which turned out to be posted by a competitor) and was told by the complaint site owner that the only way the owner of the modeling agency could have the malicious complaint posting removed was to pay the complaint site owner a large sum of money and then a monthly fee for them to monitor future postings! Read the full story here.

You would think that Google and other influential Internet groups would have abolished these types of sites years ago, yet the fight continues. Here is an excerpt from a posting dated 01/30/08:

PUBLIC WARNING: Ed Magedson of is a WANTED criminal that extorts individuals that have posted on and legitimate companies for money and he may be operating one of the biggest criminal enterprises ever created on the Internet and it is being perpetrated by a group of criminals with a track record of fraudulent activity. For more ground breaking information on how he operates his fraudulent scheme, please visit The Bureau of Ethical Internet Commerce, and Read the full story here.

Interested in Joining our Fight Against Scandalous Sites?

We encourage you to display your support of our efforts by completing the following easy steps:

  1. Right-Click on the icon on the left and select Save Image As to your website images directory
  2. Add the following HTML code to the of your page. If the graphic is not appealing on your site, contact us and we can offer a number of smaller sizes, different backgrounds and various formats to suit your needs:

    <a href=""><img src="../images/fight-scandalous-sites-small.jpg" alt="Fight Scandalous Sites" name="fightscandaloussites" width="150" height="151" hspace="5" vspace="5" border="0" align="left" id="fightscandaloussites" /></a>

If you have been slandered and defamed on Ripoff Report's site, extorted by the founder Ed Magedson or have been the victim of an attempted extortion by him, PLEASE FILE A COMPLAINT on

Also,the following posting provides some good advice if you have been hit with complaints [How to Combat Complaints Sites in Google]

For more information on our campaign against scandalous sites, do not hesitate to contact us at

ABC News Channel 7 Feature
Interviewed by Ric Romero, CA

Ric Romero, consumer specialist for Channel 7 ABC News, features Mr. Romero states " says it's helping California traffic violators beat tickets without them ever having to show up in court." TicketBust fights tickets by helping drivers file what's known as a Trial by Written Declaration, which allows drivers to contest the ticket in writing.

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