So, you’ve got a cellphone ticket?
Ticketbust can help you dismiss it.


Sometimes you just cannot ignore a phone call. It’s important and if you don’t get it now, something bad will happen.

You were planning on pulling over to a safe place as soon as you could, but the call came now, and there’s nothing you could do about.

The police officer was driving by and was able to see through the windows of your car that you had picked up cell phone and were not using a hands free headset. It was a prime opportunity for him to give you a ticket, and add to his daily quota. He honestly could have just given you a warning this time.

You weren’t doing anything terribly wrong, you were making sure to drive safe. Unfortunately, he didn’t understand and wrote you a really expensive anyway.

Traffic tickets should be for people who are driving recklessly and who are actively not following the rules. Normal people make small mistakes here and there, but you are a good and safe driver.

So now that you’ve been handed this unfair ticket. What are your options?

Well, first of all, you can just go with it, and pay your hard earned money for a ticket you don’t really deserve.


You can try to challenge your ticket with a very simple process available in the court systems of California. It’s called Trial by Declaration and can help you beat your cell phone ticket without you ever appearing in court or getting a lawyer involved.

It’s a wonderful process that just involves some paperwork submitted to the courts that make your argument for why they should dismiss your ticket.

This process is extremely effective especially if you know the right ways to go about it.

Fortunately, TicketBust has been doing this process for our customers for over 12 years and completed THOUSANDS of Trial by Written Declarations, and our system knows how to do it right.

Just fill out a little bit of information and we can tell you right away if you have a chance at getting your cell phone ticket dismissed just by submitting a little bit of paperwork.

In fact, we've helped THOUSANDS of drivers contest their traffic tickets and completed THOUSANDS of Trial by Written Declarations. (many of which were cellphone violations)

  • Talking without hands-free device (Vehicle Code 23123)
  • Texting while driving (Vehicle Code 23123.5)
  • Reading or sending Email while driving (Vehicle Code 23123.5)
  • Using GPS on phone while driving (Vehicle Code 23123.5)
  • Looking at screen while driving (Vehicle Code 27602)


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How do we do it?


Our system allows you to answer a series of questions related to your traffic ticket. Then our algorithms match your answers to our questions to the proper defenses that relate to your specific circumstances. You are then provided access to download and review all your defense documents and make changes if needed. We then provide you with instructions on exactly how to send your Trial by Written Declaration documents to the court to fight your traffic ticket.

It may seem complicated, but when you’ve helped driver’s contest thousands of traffic tickets (and counting), using a Trial by Written Declaration, you get a pretty good idea about how to develop a system to do this effectively and successfully.

What happens when a ticket is dismissed after using a Trial by Written Declaration?

  1. No points will be added to your driving record
  2. The court will refund your bail payment in full
  3. You never had to step foot in the courtroom

What happens if a ticket isn't dismissed after using a Trial by Written Declaration?

  1. The court process puts you right back where you started.
  2. If your ticket is not dismissed you can request traffic school, if you are eligible, or request a new trial (second chance to contest it)
  3. even offers a service fee refund just In case your ticket is not dismissed (subject to terms and conditions ).