What to Know If You Get A Radar Speeding Ticket

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First of all, in many instances, the cop who stops you will not be the cop whose actually administering the radar unit. It is extremely important to get this fact clear for your case.

Of course also notice the current weather conditions and surrounding traffic conditions at the time you were stopped. If you are surrounded by a heavy traffic, try to recall everything about that current condition of traffic.

Once you apprehensively hand over your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance the officer will most likely walk back to his car and run your driver’s license and registration to establish your status and the status of your vehicle.  Upon his return to your car more than likely he/she will be carrying a citation for a radar speeding ticket.  He or she will then ask you to review the Radar Speeding Ticket and then sign it.  As the cop will tell you, your signature is not an admission of guilt yet simply an acknowledgement of receipt of the Radar Speeding Ticket.  Prior to signing the Radar Speeding Ticket, request that the cop move your court date to a county court.  It is not always something the cop will do but it’s worth a shot.  If on the odd chance the officer denies your request ask him to make a note on the Radar Speeding Ticket that you requested the change in court location. 

Once the Radar Speeding Ticket is signed, ask to see the read out from the radar unit that caused you to get the Radar Speeding Ticket.  You will want to write down the manufacturer’s name and the model number of the radar unit.  Later you will request documentation on the last time the radar unit was calibrated.  But remember, the cop does not have to show you the read out.  For your own safety they may deny your request because they do not want to risk you walking back to the squad car depending on traffic conditions at the time.  Remember, never give the officer any attitude or pressure them to accommodate your request. Simply ask for these things mentioned and comply politely if they refuse.

It is always advisable to remain seated and in park until after the cop pulls away.  Carry a notepad and pen in your glove box and make notes about the conditions under which you were given the Radar Speeding Ticket.  It will give you a chance to record information while it is fresh and will also serve as a moment to calm your nerves (we all know that getting a ticket of any kind is a stressful activity).
If you do feel the need to leave the scene prior to the officer (as an example if he tells you to drive away or if he/she offers assistance to merge back into traffic), do so in a calm manner using all appropriate signals and maneuvers.  Remember you may be mad or frustrated that you received a Radar Speeding Ticket but you do not want to bring undue attention to yourself from the officer as he will then be more likely to remember you if he does show up at court.

Most importantly, remember that Ticket Busters (www.TicketBust.com) can help you fight that Radar Speeding Ticket.  Call us the moment you get to a phone.

Fighting a Radar Speeding Ticket

With the technology in our lives, there is bound to be a defect. Most speeding tickets that are issued are due to user error of the radar gun, or a defect within the gun. If you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer that claims he clocked you on the radar gun, there are many things that you can do to make sure the speed you were clocked at was done correctly and followed procedure. Here are a few things that can cause a radar gun to incorrectly register your speed:

  • The radar gun needs to be held perfectly still and not moving while capturing the speed of a car. If the unit is moving this will cause an incorrect speed. This mistake is called Panning.
  • There can be no mechanical interference while using the unit. Things such as radiators, air conditioning, and other mechanical units can throw off the reading of the radar gun.
  • Batching is an error that is caused when the police car is slowing down or accelerating when the radar gun is still attempting to capture the speed of the target.
  • At times, the radar gun can actually look past your vehicle and capture the speed of a car that is past your vehicle. In this case, the radar locks onto an entirely different vehicle and your car is hit with the speed.
  • Arm Swing Error - This happens when the unit is swung up into position to take a reading. The speed in which the radar it raised up is added into the speed of the vehicle and this throws off the reading completely.
  • Always be polite with the law enforcement officer and ask them if you can make sure that the speed in which they clocked you at was in fact your car and not another car that was driving next to yours. There are actually many ways you can contest a radar speeding ticket in court just by having the knowledge of how the radar gun works and the miscalculations that can occur if used improperly. If the officer is certain that he clocked you correctly then politely sign the ticket and make sure you take a good look at the area to note any unusual terrain conditions that may have caused the radar to make a false reading or if the road is positioned a certain way that may have caused the radar to clock the wrong car as well. If all else fails, contact Ticketbust.com (www.ticketbust.com) and we'll make sure your ticket is dropped.

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