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Case Study: Radar Tactics Didn't Work This Time!

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TicketBust client Steve B. a Class A truck driver from Southern California was nabbed by a radar/lidar for a speeding ticket and, with the help of TicketBust, he was found not guilty.

In October 2009, Steve received his first violation, the circumstances of which include, in Steve’s words, “on the day I was issued the citation, I was driving westbound on SR-91 amongst moderate traffic.  The weather was clear and it was easy to see the roadway and the traffic.  Overall, I was driving at a speed that was reasonable or prudent having due regard for weather visibility, the traffic and the surface and width of the roadway.  I was heading up a slight incline (where I necessarily had to apply the gas to make it uphill).  I came over the crest and while applying the brakes (takes a minute for the truck to slow down after coming over a crest), immediately observed what appeared to be an accident.  There were two officers pulled over on the right hand side of the freeway (on a very narrow shoulder) and there was a medium duty (Bobcat) truck pulled over as well.  This distracted me while I was applying the Retarder and Jake Brake to slow the truck down, and I took my eyes off the speedometer momentarily.”


As Steve describes, the officers were about 7-9 seconds (approximately based on traveling at 55 mph) past the crest of the hill, parked dangerously close to the right lane of the freeway.  Steve was concerned that there was an accident and concerned that he may get too close to them, so all of his attention was focused on the officers.  To his surprise, one of the officers began waving at him.  Steve complied, although he was not sure why, as he did not feel his speed was excessive.  He pulled over to the side and the younger officer walked up to his truck and said the other (senior) officer had clocked him on laser/lidar at 65 mph.  Shortly thereafter, Steve was cited for violating California VC§22406.

According to DMV, this violation’s description follows:

V C Section 22406 Maximum Speed for Designated Vehicles

22406.  No person may drive any of the following vehicles on a highway
at a speed in excess of 55 miles per hour: 

(a) A motortruck or truck tractor having three or more axles or any motortruck or truck tractor drawing any other vehicle.
(b) A passenger vehicle or bus drawing any other vehicle.
(c) A schoolbus transporting any school pupil.
(d) A farm labor vehicle when transporting passengers.
(e) A vehicle transporting explosives.
(f) A trailer bus, as defined in Section 636.
Amended Sec. 22, Ch. 787, Stats. 2000. Effective January 1 2001.
Steve B. was a keen driver and went to the Internet for help.  As so many of the TicketBust clients, Steve was a truck driver and relied on his exceptional driving record in order to maintain his employee status.  He found help at TicketBust, a professional document filing company that helps California drivers fight their speeding tickets and other traffic tickets.  The experts at helped him put together a Trial by Written Declaration and submitted all the necessary documents to the court for him.

TicketBust used these forms, etc. to submit the necessary documents to the courts.  TicketBust submitted all the documents to the court on behalf of Steve B., so that he did not have to go to court or even the post office.  He also did not have to worry about deadlines after he secured the TicketBust services.


Steve was found not guilty and his bail was returned, but more importantly, his driving record remained spotless!

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ABC News Channel 7 Feature
Interviewed by Ric Romero, CA

Ric Romero, consumer specialist for Channel 7 ABC News, features Mr. Romero states " says it's helping California traffic violators beat tickets without them ever having to show up in court." TicketBust fights tickets by helping drivers file what's known as a Trial by Written Declaration, which allows drivers to contest the ticket in writing.

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