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Many of us in California have been issued at least one or more traffic tickets.  Most of us have probably been issued more than one in our life time.   On California highways and busy city streets, things happen. Almost everyday you will see a car being pulled over on the highway by CHP and, as you pass, you wonder what infraction they violated and what a headache they have in store for themselves, be it tickets or other punishments.

We have all seen the episodes of "Cops" where they pull some poor guy over and he doesn’t even know why he is being pulled over.  You may even have been one of these unlucky people, cited for something you didn’t even know was against the law, those traffic tickets can feel like the worse because you could have avoided it.

Believe it or not the following infractions are considered violations of the California Vehicle code:

  • Bicycle lying on its side on a sidewalk.
  • Standing, stopping, sitting, or loitering on a Class I bikeway.
  • School or public grounds, trespassing on with vehicle, animal, bicycle, skateboard, motorized bicycle, or roller skates.
  • Fire hoses, driving over unprotected.
  • Coasting, in neutral on downgrade.
  • Passing streetcar on left.
  • Skiing, tobogganing, on or across highway interfering with traffic.
  • Stopping suddenly without signaling.
  • Parking unlawfully, in tube or tunnel.
  • Person who solicits, displays, sells, or vends within a highway rest area or vista point.

Here are some other violations that you may or may not realize are moving violations (the number preceding the infraction is the citation code):

  • 21453(b) After stopping, may turn right, or turn left from a one-way street to a one-way street, (unless sign posted) but shall yield to pedestrians and traffic on cross street.
  • 21453(c) Red arrow, driver shall not enter intersection to make indicated movement.
  • 21453(d) Pedestrian facing circular red or red arrow, shall not enter roadway.
  • 21454(c) Lane use control signal, steady red, driver shall not enter or use.
  • 21454(d) Lane use control signal, flashing yellow, driver may use only for making left turn to or from the highway.
  • 21455 Official traffic control signal erected at other than an intersection, shall stop at sign, crosswalk, limit line, or if none, at the signal.
  • 21456(a) "Walk" pedestrian failure to yield right-of-way to vehicles already in crosswalk.
  • 21456(b) "Don't walk" or "wait" or "upraised hand," pedestrian crossing against.
  • 21457(a) Flashing Red, failing to stop for.
  • 21457(b) Flashing Yellow, proceed only with caution.
  • 21460(a) Double solid lines, driving to left of, except driveway, intersection, or U-turn.
  • 21460(b) Solid-broken lines, driving to left when solid line placed on right.
  • 21460.5(c) Two-way left turn lane, driving in, or turning from through lane.
  • 21461(a) Traffic control sign, failure to obey regulatory provisions.
  • 21461.5 Pedestrian, failure to obey any sign or signal.
  • 21462 Traffic control signals, all traffic (Sec. 620) to obey.
  • 21463 Traffic signals, illegal operation. covers most if not all traffic tickets.  Our aim is to get you the right information and forms to help you fight to get your case dismissed. has a dedicated team of ticket experts who help you with your Trial by Written Declaration Documents for your case and provide the best solution possible for you to save loads of money which would otherwise go towards paying the fine and/or paying an attorney. There is a small fee for our traffic ticket resolution services, but in the long run, we save you a lot more than just the fine.  If your ticket is dismissed this will save you from increased automobile insurance rates and potentially losing your driving privileges because of too many traffic ticket points on your California driving record.  Imagine the fees and fines to get your license back after it has been taken away!

Learn how we can help you fight to get your traffic tickets reduced or dismissed today by calling us at 800-850-8038.

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